For the Love of Chocolate | Amber & Felipe


It all started with a shared piece of chocolate cake for Amber and Felipe (Lady and the Tramp style). They met on a Euro-trip with friends and after hour six of them meeting for the first time the rest was history! On Sunday, May 28th we were able to take part in their special day.… Continue reading For the Love of Chocolate | Amber & Felipe

#FerissaForever | Larissa & Fern

9 years together and a year and a half of planning lead us to Larissa and Fern’s wedding on Saturday, May 27th. This couple was full of life, full of joy, and most importantly full of love. Throughout the planning process the couple and Keswick continued to develop a closer relationship. They’re the type of… Continue reading #FerissaForever | Larissa & Fern

It’s all in the Details | Dana & Curt


When you focus on the details, you can turn something seemingly ordinary extraordinary. Dana and Curt were married here over UVA’s graduation weekend at Keswick Vineyards on Saturday, May 20th. Their wedding was full of well thought out and carefully crafted details that heightened their wedding elements into ones that were exceptionally editorial. From start… Continue reading It’s all in the Details | Dana & Curt

Go Dukes! | Jamee & Trip


With a couple like Jamee and Tripp who have been together for nearly 10 years, there are bound to be a countless amount of memories made. On Saturday, May 13th we helped them make even more! We celebrated both their marriage and Keswick’s new German Shepherd puppy that day! The couple couldn’t wait to take… Continue reading Go Dukes! | Jamee & Trip

Fun and Games | Natasha & Brian


On Saturday, May 6, 2017, we welcomed a new couple into our collection of recently married lovers here at Keswick Vineyards. It had a been a long time coming for Natasha and Brian; and it was a journey well worth the wait! This couple was all about just having a good time. They operated under… Continue reading Fun and Games | Natasha & Brian