A Grand Entrance | Kati & Russ

Kati and Russ’ wedding on October 20, 2018 had the most heartfelt ceremony that we’ve ever experienced at Keswick Vineyards. While we’ve seen a range of ceremonies that varied in religions, time, and style, we thought that Kati and Russ’ ceremony was, by far, the best one for a number of reasons. In other words, their ceremony absolutely made their wedding!

The commencement of the ceremony was, particularly, breathtaking! Kati arrived with her father in a vintage car up Keswick Vineyards’ main driveway. While guests waited for the wedding to commence in their seats, you could hear the crunching of the gravel while Kati and her father drove up. As soon as she got out of the car, a horn was played to signify the Bride’s arrival. If you’ve never experienced a grand entrance before, this was it! 

What made the ceremony the most meaningful, though, was the fact that Russ’ professor, Dr. Kevin, in a way, “officiated” the wedding. Knowing that it was going to be a long ceremony, he asked the wedding party to take a seat, while he and Kati and Russ remained standing. In a “classroom-like” way, he asked his “students” questions about the significance of marriage to which they each answered correctly to his questions.

Dr. Kevin also went into the background of Kati and Russ and, with Kati and her family being from Bulgaria, touched on how they immigrated to the United States. Kati’s father moved to the United States seven years prior to the remainder of his family moving in order to create a better life for their family. We thought it was sweet to hear that the way that Kati learned English was by reading a personal favorite, Harry Potter, and translating the words as she read through the book.

If Kati’s family never moved to the United States, then Kati and Russ would never have met and began this beautiful love story! When touring Keswick Vineyards, Kati and Russ gave us a little insight to the start of their relationship. While at a bar in Washington D.C., Kati slipped Russ a note on the back of a receipt that said, “I just saw you and I know this is crazy but here is my number so call me maybe? -K.” I’m sure that everyone could guess what their song was played based upon this story! Not only was that incorporated into the night, but they also had the note framed on their gift table for guests to see while signing their guest book. 

The wedding was such a beautiful one and we were so elated to host Kati and Russ’ beautiful wedding at Keswick Vineyards. Congratulations to you two! We hope that you enjoy Paris!

Thank you to the following vendors for all of their hard work:

Event Planner: Logan Powell with Blue Ridge AV and Lighting, Officiant: Reverend Dr. Kendra Dean and Dr. Kevin, Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle, Desserts: Commonwealth Cakes, DJ: Andy Wilfong with Party Masters, Photographer: Bethany Snyder, Hair and Makeup: Glo-Out Glamour Bar, Florist: Proper Petal, Transportation: James Limousine and Albemarle Limousine, Rentals: MS Events, Lighting: Skyline Tent Company.