Pure Perfection | Arlene & Matt

Arlene and Matt’s fall wedding at Keswick Vineyards on October 27th was nothing more than perfection!  To ensure a perfect wedding day, Arlene and Matt started with the Southern tradition of burying a bottle of bourbon.  Southern tradition has it that if you bury a bottle of bourbon, upside down, exactly one month before your… Continue reading Pure Perfection | Arlene & Matt

Beautiful October | Sara & Charlie

Sara and Charlie’s October 21st wedding had all the fall feels to it! Along with the cool weather, the colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains, vineyard, and trees changed drastically to their vibrant orange, yellow, and red autumnal colors. Needless to say, we really felt the season’s tidings at this Keswick Vineyards’ wedding! The fall… Continue reading Beautiful October | Sara & Charlie

A Grand Entrance | Kati & Russ

Kati and Russ’ wedding on October 20, 2018 had the most heartfelt ceremony that we’ve ever experienced at Keswick Vineyards. While we’ve seen a range of ceremonies that varied in religions, time, and style, we thought that Kati and Russ’ ceremony was, by far, the best one for a number of reasons. In other words,… Continue reading A Grand Entrance | Kati & Russ

Soulmates | Taylor & Garrett

Taylor and Garrett knew that it was meant to be from the very beginning! After only dating for a few months, Garrett decided that Taylor was going to be his life-long love and decided to propose to her at The Haven, which is located right in Charlottesville. With The Haven playing such an important part… Continue reading Soulmates | Taylor & Garrett

An Explosive Love | Phelicia & Dan

With being in the wedding industry, we hear of many different types of weddings, such as, shotgun weddings. Have you ever heard of a cannonball wedding, though? Phelicia and Dan, who got married at Keswick Vineyards on Sunday, October 7, 2018, put on quite the show for their guests. Both Phelicia and Dan are Civil… Continue reading An Explosive Love | Phelicia & Dan

“Falling for Alexis and Geoff” | Alexis & Geoff

With great big open arms, Keswick Vineyards welcomed the fall season with the marriage of Alexis and Geoff on Saturday, October 6th, 2018.  With the cooler air and crispness of fallen leaves, mixed with the burgundy, gold, and navy colors, it was a beautiful way to start our fall wedding season. We could not be… Continue reading “Falling for Alexis and Geoff” | Alexis & Geoff