A Grand Entrance | Kati & Russ

Kati and Russ’ wedding on October 20, 2018 had the most heartfelt ceremony that we’ve ever experienced at Keswick Vineyards. While we’ve seen a range of ceremonies that varied in religions, time, and style, we thought that Kati and Russ’ ceremony was, by far, the best one for a number of reasons. In other words,… Continue reading A Grand Entrance | Kati & Russ

Outdoor Options | Caitlin & Brooks

Couples predominately come to Keswick Vineyards because of the natural, picturesque views. The beautiful oak trees that are over 300-years-old, the abundance of the vineyard, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background makes for picture-perfect scenery. When you think of a simply natural and beautiful setting, this is it! With outdoor settings, though, comes… Continue reading Outdoor Options | Caitlin & Brooks

A Charitable Couple | Kristen & James

Keswick Vineyards, yet again, had another perfect wedding day! Kristen and James, who got married at Keswick Vineyards on August 25th, 2018, had another beautiful day with flawless weather. With their very natural color theme of greens, whites, and gold that they had, everything seemed so natural and timeless.   Kristen and James’ guest table… Continue reading A Charitable Couple | Kristen & James

The Fairy Tale Wedding | Lauren & Scotty

Many couples dream for years about how their wedding will be one day. I know that I certainly have and have a perfectly tailored Pinterest board to prove it! With that being said, a girl can dream, but the chances of my future wedding turning into my dream wedding seem pretty slim. Lauren and Scotty’s… Continue reading The Fairy Tale Wedding | Lauren & Scotty

Mercedes’ Bridal Shower

Most people when they hear the name Keswick Vineyards immediately think 1) award winning wines or 2) one of Charlottesville’s top wedding venue.  What many may not know is that you can host any type of event at Keswick Vineyards.  From corporate events to rehearsal dinners, to anniversary parties or birthday celebrations, nothing is out… Continue reading Mercedes’ Bridal Shower

Those Little Touches Make a Big Difference | Chelsea & Daniel


Chelsea and Daniel took no chances with their outdoor wedding at Keswick Vineyards when it came to the weather.  Exactly one month before their wedding they buried a bottle of bourbon, upside down, to ward off any rain.  This is an old Southern tradition that has always worked for our couples.  As their wedding date… Continue reading Those Little Touches Make a Big Difference | Chelsea & Daniel

The Love of Sunflowers | Jessica & Jessie

Well, when I saw the décor that Jessica and Jesse were using for their wedding at Keswick Vineyards on Friday, June 15th, I couldn’t have been any happier since there were sunflowers just about everywhere you turned.  There is no flower that can lift someone’s spirit quite like a sunflower.  They are bright and cheery,… Continue reading The Love of Sunflowers | Jessica & Jessie

Personal Touches | Sara & Hank

On June 9th, 2018, Sara and Hank got married at the beautiful Keswick Vineyards, located right outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. The day couldn’t have gone any more perfectly than it did! Sara and Hank added so many little, personal touches, which we thought made the wedding even more special than it already was. Typically, after… Continue reading Personal Touches | Sara & Hank

Oh, Happy Day! | Zhanna & AJ

If Zhanna and AJ’s ceremony at Keswick Vineyards on June 1st didn’t set the mood for the remainder of their wedding day, I don’t know what could have! They decided to get married in our popular vineyard location but added a beautiful arbor that was adorned in greenery and roses. With the vineyard in full… Continue reading Oh, Happy Day! | Zhanna & AJ

Luck of the Irish | Sarah & Pete


What a chancy wedding day! We all thought that Keswick Vineyards wouldn’t be so lucky on May 27th, 2018 with it looking like rain was heading our way. Our mountains, typically, cause the rain clouds to scatter, but we were all nervous over this one! Sarah told us that she really wanted her ceremony to… Continue reading Luck of the Irish | Sarah & Pete